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shovel.jpgThey’re not even engaged yet, but Prince Charles is placing his bets that by the time his new eco-mansion is built, Prince William and Kate Middleton will have tied the knot. According to reports drifting from across the pond, Charles is knee deep in construction of the new mansion; said to feature solar-powered heating and sheep’s wool insulation. From the article,

“The 790 square-metre home on the England-Wales border will feature solar-powered heating, and insulation made of sheep’s wool. It will also include five bathrooms, a dressing room, a grand dining room, a tree garden, and a hall lined with Greek columns.”

William and Kate are going to have to get busy to fill that place! Five bathrooms? A tree garden? Whoa. The most interesting news? “A spokesman for the royal family told the newspaper that the building will be available on the open market to be rented out when it is completed in 2010.”

I’m thinking an ‘Ecorazzi Ring In The New Year’ bash at the mansion might be a great way to welcome 2011! Who’s with me?

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  • Preston

    If you’re buying, I’ll go, too.

  • michael

    Dear Advertisers: We are accepting sponsorship now. :)

  • becky

    At least some leadership figure is doing something right. :p

  • greentruck

    If he really wanted to be environmental he would renovate an existing home to meet higher energy standards, rather than build another one. He’s a dick.

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  • Roly

    Greentruck get over yourself… at least he is building a eco home.

  • greentruck

    Roly, I am over myself… I think it’s a nice thing to build green homes, but it’s shallow and unproductive to announce that you’re “going green” and the first thing you do is build a new structure… if he really wanted to go green he would support less development not more… he would renovate, not build… he would do any number of things besides building an eco-home… it’s just another case of greenwashing and another super annoying example of buying your way to environmentalism. Too many examples of how to be green focus soley on consumerism, spending, and purchasing… is that what it means to be environmentally aware?

  • heather caudill

    i completely agree with greentruck!i meen this is completely rediculous…..i’m in awe??

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