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snipshot_9419ronox5li.jpgAnd in this corner….the Australian Government has hit back at Pink’s Campaign to Boycott Australian Wool. The rocker has gone on the offensive with animal rights group PETA to stop sheep cruelty and find more humane alternatives to the practice of “mulesing” (where chunks of skin are carved from a sheep’s backside without any pain relief).

Australian Treasurer Peter Costello claims the practice is necessary to prevent fatal maggot infestations. He says, “Pink is entitled to her views but at the end of the day would Australia’s farmers take advice from Pink? Sheep are at risk of being fly-blown and dying… it’s not a pretty sight. Mulesing is not a pretty sight either but it’s a damn sight more humane than letting a sheep die fly-blown in a paddock.”

Hmm…while the practice seems legit, shouldn’t there be some way of making it less painful for the sheep? And what about the cruelty of transporting sheep in tightly packed spaces for thousands of miles? Interesting how there’s little Costello can do to defend that particular aspect of the industry. I smell fear.

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  • pete

    they don’t give any pain killers AND they don’t administer antibiotics, either. the open wounds can end up killing the sheep from infection. flies lay their eggs in the wounds instead of betweeen the folds of skin that were cut off. the truth is that most of us can get by without wool, be it domestic or imported.

  • bla

    Lazy farming really. Many farmers dont abuse their stock, so we should be carfull not to tar everyone with the same brush.

    Its a relatively new practice that came about as a result of sheep being selectively bred to have to many layers of wool (more wool = more profit)

    The sheep shouldn’t be in Australia, they belong in a cold climate, are water intensive and cause erosion. Land is cleared to make way for sheep causing greater loss of habitat for native animals.

    We really should be farming kangaroos for meat and getting our fabrics from plants such as hemp.

    PETA should do a better job of promoting the alternatives. Australian farmers are very proud/arrogant ppl, even in drought they wont change their ways until the bank manager comes to reposes the farm… and then they will blame the bank.

  • michael

    I agree. Some promotions of alternatives would come across as helping to resolve the issue rather than just throwing mud. Great suggestion.