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snipshot_94ordwb69nb.jpgRebecca and I are stuck on the East Coast at the moment, but we had these premiere passes dropped into our laps from some publicists involved in ‘Living With Ed’ and wanted to send someone. Thankfully, we had Siel from the awesome site Green LA Girl out there to enjoy the festivities. Below is her report and some photos from the premiere!

[A guest post from Siel, who blogs at]

Some eco-celebs drive their Priuses and call it an eco-day. But for Ed Begley, Jr., the day begins with a quick stationary bike workout — that generates the power his toaster for breakfast.

Ed’s eco-obsession is the driving force behind the new HGTV docu-soap, Living with Ed which documents the life Ed and his actress wife Rachelle Carson share in their solar-powered, two-bedroom home in Studio City.

In the show, we see Ed snipping brocolli from his backyard garden, hosing down the rooftop solar panels, timing his wife’s showers, and even selling Begley’s Best products at a Whole Foods. “They think you’ve fallen on hard times,” Ed jokes, remarking that people are often surprised to see Ed selling his own products. But Ed’s passionate about what he does; all the profits from Begley’s Best go to non-profits.

In contrast, Rachelle’s a woman who says she could do with a little less green and a little more normal. When she’s not complaining about Ed’s eco-choices, she’s shown primping in front of a mirror, trying on dresses for the Oscars, and showing off her newly-painted nails.

Rachelle is, in fact, portrayed as quite narcissistic, concerned mostly with appearances — a characterization that makes this female writer cringe. We’d like to think that Rachelle’s perhaps playing her role as a foil to Ed a little too well. We’d like to see a little more of the green side of Rachelle — because a woman who’s chosen to live with Ed for 13 years must surely have one!

At the premiere screening for Living with Ed at the Sunset 5 on Thursday, Ed joked that he and Rachelle share a lot of “joy, tenderness and passion that’s not captured on camera.” Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum, among other celebs, showed up to the screening and reception to show their support.

You can catch a sneak-peek preview of Living with Ed on New Year’s Day at 1 pm ET; The series premieres Sundays at 10 pm ET/PT, starting January 1, 2007.
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