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Anyone who has visited Daryl Hanah’s website, DHLoveLife, has probably seen the ‘new site coming soon’ text at the bottom of the screen. Well, the wait has certainly been worth it as Daryl has launched version 2.0 of her site in time for the New Year. It features a new layout, some nifty animations, and some personal (and aggregated) news on the environment. Most noticeable is Daryl’s ‘ALERT’ page that brings attention to causes she’s currently most worried about. Presently, she’s got an article up there on Mountain Top Removal, a topic that has celebrity backing from Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson. For those looking for a little ‘pick me up’, Daryl has also included a ‘Good News’ page that seeks to inspire through environmental campaigns with successful outcomes.

While still a little light on content (hence the piggy-backing onto the Environmental News Network feed), no doubt this newest rendition of the site will allow Daryl to share more information on the topics she’s passionate about. So jump on over and browse the various sections of the site. With updates like this, we can’t wait to see what Daryl has in store next…community forum anyone?

Mad props to Treehugger for the tip!

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  • Hal Pehlich

    First off – Daryl & I share the same birthday,which is cool. Second I’d be honoured to send the beautiful Daryl a Blade Runner poster that I’ve illustrated for the upcoming release of Ridley Scott’s masterpiece. A few famous people already have the BR poster – they are: Ridley Scott, Joanna Cassidy & Rutger Hauer will receive his in July ( thanks to Starfish Association )& Morgan Paull as well. Again, it would be an honour, I’m just wondering if I actually can submit this awesome BR poster to her. Thank you & have a nice day.

    Hal Pehlich

  • Dima

    She has recently set up a not-for-profit eco-amazing goods section on the site as well. Check it out!