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Ecorazzi’s 2007 Green Celeb Gift List | November 20, 2007 Named Blog of the Year by VegNews | October 30, 2007, the Web’s Source for Green Celebrity Gossip, Celebrates First Anniversary| August 3, 2007 Announces Development Deal with Lightworks Producing Group | February 20, 2007

Ecorazzi Takes Green Spin on Celebrity Gossip | August 23, 2006

Ecorazzi in the Press and around the Web

Women’s Health | Link | April, 2008

“Keep track of Brad Pitt, Sheryl Crow, and other green-to-the-gills celebrities as they come up with new ways to respond to the climate crisis. Promising “the latest in green gossip”, is the for people who drive hybrids.”

PETA's Sixth Annual Proggy Awards Winner

2008 PROGGY Award Winner From PETA | Link | December 28, 2008

Keeping folks on top of what’s happening on the “green” scene, is the source for the latest-breaking eco- and animal-friendly celebrity news. In addition to blogging about environmentally conscious celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres, Davey Havok, and Hayden Panettiere, has an entire category dedicated to animals. The site routinely takes on a host of animal rights topics, including vegetarianism, fur, circuses, animals in entertainment, and our favorite subject: PETA!

Times Online

Times Online: The Top 50 Ec0-Blogs | link | February 27, 2008

Taking the spirit of celeb rag Heat to eco-issues, this site looks at celeb gossip from the perspective of the green community. Think ‘Prince Charles officially bans foie gras’, plus what Heather Mills and George Clooney have to do with the green debate.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation Non-Toxic Times Newsletter Vol. 9 No. 2 | link | January 2008

Ecorazzi is unique among an internet all too crowded with frivolous gossip sites tracking the minute-by-minute movements of the rich and famous in alarming detail. Don’t get us wrong—it cares what celebrities are doing as much as any other gossip site, but only as those doings relate to a cleaner, greener world.

Yahoo! Picks

Yahoo! Picks Profiles | link | November 30, 2007

This vivacious, eco-friendly blog sprang onto the scene in August and has since attracted a crack team of contributors devoted to tracking Hollywood’s green, or not so green, beat.

Rebecca Carter, of greenerMIAMI, and Groovy Green’s Michael d’Estries co-founded the celebri-blog. We chatted with Rebecca over instant messenger to see how things are going…

VegNews 2007 Veggie Award Winner - Blog of the Year

VegNews Blog of the Year Award| link | November 1, 2007

Environmentalists, animal-rights activists, and humanitarians indulging in celebrity gossip? Couldn’t be. They’re above that stuff, right? Not exactly. At, a blog dedicated to environmentally conscious celebs who use their fame as a vehicle for social change, web surfers of every persuasion can now digest juicy Tinseltown tidbits served up with a hearty helping of eco-oriented fare, minus the guilt factor associated with mainstream pop-culture blogs. | link | September 4, 2007

Rebecca Carter: Green Gossip
Celebs helping the planet (and occasionally not) are the buzzworthy subjects of this Miami-based editor’s year-old eco-gossip site Here she dishes some good dirt.

Los Angeles Times | link | September 2, 2007

Take the green website , which launched a year ago. The primary mission of the site, co-founded by Ithaca, N.Y.-based Michael d’Estries and Rebecca Carter in Miami, is to track the green habits of celebrities. “If people in the spotlight are going to get up there, they’re going to have to come prepared,” said D’Estries. “They’re going to have to look at their own lives first. Otherwise it’s just green washing.” is not a vigilante effort. D’Estries and Carter work hard to give celebrities the benefit of the doubt. But in June, the site landed some exclusive dish on the movement’s reigning mouthpiece…

Life Tips on Webmaster Radio

Webmaster Radio: Life Tips | listen | August 15, 2007

Look how cool this site looks. This is like any other gossip blog. It’s full of pictures, it has a cool design. It’s very, very up to date. They are pulling in video, they are pulling in things from all over the web. And it’s just a cool new spin on celebrity gossip. They are using it for good…

…Another fantastic site, particularly to pass on to the celebrity fanatics out there. If you studied percentage of time on a daily basis that is consumed by celebrity stalkers and followers…imagine putting that to good use like this site does. I mean Wow, this is powerful. This is hip. This is cool.

Yahoo! Picks

Yahoo! Picks | link | July 30, 2007

Ecorazzi highlights how celebrities are using their fame to make the world a better place: Gawker meets Greenpeace maybe? With a cadre of eco-minded editors, no celebrity act of green kindness goes uncovered…

…Ecorazzi is a blog in the know, but it’s way more than a tabloid rag. It mixes gooey gossip with an abundance of ideas on how to make your life a bit more green and friendly to the environment.


ORF1 (TV)| link | July 7, 2007

The 9 on Yahoo!

THE 9 on Yahoo! | link | June 8, 2007

Beautiful places like this make me want to get green, and besides me, tons of other major celebs are on board, too. At Ecorazzi you can keep up with the latest do-goodings and eco-short-comings of the likes of Hil Swank, Brad Pitt, and J. Connelly.

China Dialogue

China Dialogue | link | June 4, 2007

Hollywood film stars all live lavish, environmentally destructive lifestyles, right? Wrong, say the celebrity spotters at Ecorazzi. Dan Hancox talks to the green gossip bloggers, and finds out how cutting carbon became cool.

Fast Company June 2007

Fast Company Magazine | link | June 2007

Green is the new black: Three blogs help you help save the world (and perhaps look good doing it too).

Who writes it: Rebecca Carter and Michael d’Estries and their tragically green cohorts

The skinny: What are celebs doing to save the earth? Ecorazzi dishes the goods in an Us Weekly-meets-Mother Jones kind of way, like Lindsay Lohan’s eco-friendly lipstick for Sephora or Adrian Grenier’s greened-up pad in Brooklyn.

The Ithaca Journal

The Ithaca Journal | link | March 23, 2007

Feature article.

Michael deEstries of Ithaca started the Web site,, dishing up celebrity fare with an eco-twist, examining ecological, humanitarian and sustainability angles. Although he still walks to work at Cornell, he might find himself even busier with his venture because a TV production company has picked up on the idea and is pitching it to the networks.

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