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Glamour Magazine | link | March 2007

“Ecorazzi even has gossip about celebs eco efforts.”

Blayney Chronicle

Blayney Chronicle | link | February 27, 2007

“The ultimate in Hollywood hip these days is to be splashed across Variety magazine’s new online Green Page … or given the thumbs up by green gossip websites like Ecorazzi…”


Savion | link | February 2, 2007

“This must-read blog provides celebrity gossip and entertainment news solely focused on environmental, humanitarian, and charity-related topics.”

Real Life News

Real Life News | link | February 1, 2007

“This is an example of a niche blog doing what it does well – picking an aspect of a topic and being the authority on it.”


Plenty Magazine | link | January 31, 2007

Who says environmentalists can’t indulge in a little Hollywood gossip now and then? Certainly not Rebecca Carter and Michael d’Estries, co-founders of the green and humanitarian celebrity news blog Ecorazzi.

Green Girls Global

Green Girls Global | link | January 24, 2007

Say what you want about the frivolity of a celebrity-obsessed culture, I think may help instill a momentum of change amongst the mainstream by helping to promote conscious celebrities and the charitable and environmental work they are doing.


Maariv (Israel) | website | January 17, 2007


National Resource Defense Council | link | December, 2006

Best Sites of 2006

“We also spent more time than we should have on Ecorazzi, a celebrity gossip site that reports on the environmentally conscious — or in some cases, unconscious — activities of the A-list.”

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