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Marine Expert Costeau Ready to Help Free Whales from SeaWorld

by Anthony Marcusa

An animal expert is hoping to come to the rescue and save SeaWorld; well, more specifically, he’s looking to save the creatures kept captive there. Last week, the new CEO of

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Ewan McGregor to Narrate ‘Humpback Whales’ Documentary

by Brianne Hogan

Actor Ewan McGregor is lending his Scottish brogue to a new 3D adventure documentary on humpback whales. The new doc, succinctly titled, “Humpback Whales,” comes from MacGillivray Freeman Films and is

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Nearly Extinct California Blue Whales Make Incredible Comeback

by Allyson Koerner

According to a University of Washington study, the nearly extinct California blue whales have made a comeback that is being called “historic.”

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Study Warns: Move Shipping Lanes to Save Endangered Whales

by Natalia Lima

Hey, freight ship, watch out for that whale! A new study showed that more than 10,000 endangered blue whales were found feeding off the West Coast right in the way

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Pierce Brosnan Protests Military Sonar Testing to Save Whales

by Sierra Britton

Pierce Brosnan speaks out against the Navy’s plan to conduct dangerous high-powered sonar testing, which would threaten the lives of thousands of whales.

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Japan Slaughters 30 Minke Whales Despite ICJ Ruling

by Joan Reddy

Japan has slaughtered thirty minke whales in its first annual hunt of the season, this despite an International Court Justice (ICJ) ruling earlier this year that ordered a halt of

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Video of Playful Orca Whales Chasing a Speed Boat

by Michael dEstries

What do orca whales in captivity dream about? This. WOWK News posted an incredible video last week of a pod of orcas recently chasing a speedboat in the Pacific. Their

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