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Michael has been blogging since 2005 on issues such as sustainability, renewable energy, philanthropy, and healthy living. He regularly contributes to a slew of publications, as well as consulting with companies looking to make an impact using the web and social media. He lives in Ithaca, NY with his family on an apple farm.


Watch: Ricky Gervais Voices Guinea Pig

in Entertainment, News, Pop Culture, Top News

Ricky Gervais is no stranger to providing hilarious voiceovers for animals and his latest one for Rory, the guinea pig is just as brilliant.

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Shark Falls Out of Sky, Hits Golf Course, is Saved

in Animals, News, Top News

A two-foot leopard shark is lucky to be alive after falling from the sky, hitting a golf course, and taken back to the ocean by staff.

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‘Skyfall’ Villain Javier Bardem Wears Eco-Fashion at Premiere

in Fashion, Lifestyle, News, Top News

Bardem participated in Livia Firth’s Green Carpet Challenge, which works to bring more ethical and sustainable designs to the red carpet.

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Woody Harrelson Backs North America’s First Non-Wood Paper Mill

in Causes, Environment, News, Top News

First mentioned back in 2010, Woody Harrelson is back talking all about wheat-based paper – and the tremendous advantages it offers over its traditional tree-sourced counterpart. The actor and environmental

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Colbert Makes Donald Trump a ‘Ballsy’ Charity Offer

in Causes, News, People, Top News

Stephen Colbert delivered what can only be described as the most appropriate response to Donald Trump’s ridiculous charity stunt yesterday.

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Donald Trump’s ‘October Surprise’ is a Ridiculous Charity Stunt

in Causes, News, Top News

Donald Trump ‘October Surprise’ turns out to be nothing more than a cruel charity stunt aimed at President Obama.

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New York’s Central Park Receives Record $100M Gift

In what’s being called the largest parks donation in history, John Paulson yesterday announced a $100M gift to New York’s Central Park.

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