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Michael has been blogging since 2005 on issues such as sustainability, renewable energy, philanthropy, and healthy living. He regularly contributes to a slew of publications, as well as consulting with companies looking to make an impact using the web and social media. He lives in Ithaca, NY with his family on an apple farm.


Coldplay, Scissor Sisters, DiCaprio All Back Carbon Credits Scheme

in Music

This tip is a little light on the details, but apparently rock groups Coldplay and the Scissor Sisters have lended support to a scheme backed by Leonardo DiCaprio and pushed

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Evangeline Lilly Goes Recycling…

in People

While the rest of his/her co-workers might scoff at such a photo shot, we’re mighty proud of this paparazzi for snapping Lost star Evangelina Lilly taking out her recycling. Lilly

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PETA Victory! POM Juice Backs Down On Testing Animals.

in Animals

It appears that Pamela Anderson’s and PETA’s efforts to pressure POM into discontinuing tests on animals were successful. The company released a note saying, “Neither POM Wonderful nor its related

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Keith Richards Preserves Body By Drinking Organic Vodka

in Music, People

The medical mystery that is Keith Richards continues to baffle the scientific community. For all intents and purposes, the guy should have ended up in an urn many, many years

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The Ultimate Green Room Enjoys Junior Year At Sundance

in Film/TV

Not to be confused with Project Greenhouse (though it’s real funny to see two eco hotspots competing with each other), the Ultimate Green Room enjoyed veteran status at the Sundance

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Everything’s Cool Documentary Heats Up Sundance

in Film/TV

We wrote about Steve Spielberg being interested in placing a more ‘up-lifting’ spin on Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and now it appears that some other filmmakers have the same

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Celebrities + Pomegranate = Organic Love At Sundance

in Lifestyle

I held off talking about this new organic pomegranate-based skin cream line at Sundance, because I wanted to see how celebrities reacted. Obviously, anything free induces giddy feelings, but reactions

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