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Michael has been blogging since 2005 on issues such as sustainability, renewable energy, philanthropy, and healthy living. He regularly contributes to a slew of publications, as well as consulting with companies looking to make an impact using the web and social media. He lives in Ithaca, NY with his family on an apple farm.


Ed Begley Jr. Continues To Push The Electric Car

in Causes, Transport

The site we’re grabbing this from mentions Ed Begley Jr. as being ‘the reigning poster boy of environmental activists’. I’m not so sure about that — but the guy is

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Danny Seo Is The Next Martha Stewart–No, Seriously.

in News

The San Francisco Chronicle has a great article on one of our fav green celebs, Danny Seo; comparing him to a future green version of Martha Stewart. Host of ‘Simply

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Wentworth Miller Caught With A Prius

in Transport

Are you getting sick of these celebrity/Prius sightings yet? Good, because here’s another one. Wentworth Miller showed up at Fox’s Eco-Casino Bash last week in a blue Prius. I wish

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Raw Foods Diet Gets Tested On The Tyra Banks Show

in Eats

Oprah-wannabe (good luck with that), Tyra Banks, has created a show-down between three of the world’s best known food coaches to find out which diet works the best. Alissa Cohen,

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Jagjemash! Early Screenings of ‘BORAT’ Go To Charity

in Causes

The funniest movie of the year is about to hit and 20th Century Fox is teaming up with Comic Relief to give people an early screening. Available only in the

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Thai Officials Urge Stallone Not To Mess With Environment

in Film/TV

Sylvester Stallone, apparently not able to land any original gigs, is walking down nostalgia lane and heading back to re-develop the films that made him famous. While Rocky VI (Rocky

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Colbert Painting Raises $50,605 For Charity

in Causes

If you ever wondered how much The Colbert Show has raised Stephen Colbert’s star in little over a year, wonder no more. With bidding now complete, the painting of Stephen

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