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Lady Gaga Promotes Safe Sex, Wears Condom Suit

in Causes

Nothing like a giant, human-sized condom suit to start day! Lady Gaga helped promote AIDS awareness today on the Good Morning America show when she debuted her flesh-colored “latex condom-inspired”

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Yo Flipper, Where You At? Two-Way Communication With Dolphins Established

in Animals

For years, it’s been known amongst biologists that dolphins can, in fact, understand our human vocabulary and syntax. Unfortunately, it’s also been known that dolphins lack the ability to respond

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Scientists Discover New Planet, Win Game Of Hide-And-Seek

in Featured, Internet

Tyche (read: ty-kee), is the (possibly) newest planet discovery made by two scientists using NASA’S Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) telescope. It was found in the Oort Cloud on the edge

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Battery Not Included For UK Dairy Cows

in Animals, Causes

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has launched a campaign called “Not In My Cuppa,” designed to oppose a practice known as ‘battery dairy farming.’ This is

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Elizabeth Taylor Honored For AIDS Activism

in Causes

Dame Elizabeth Taylor was honored for her AIDS charity work this past Wednesday, February 9th at the amFAR event in New York. Taylor, who is the founding international chairman of AmfAR,

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The Heart Truth Campaign Brings Together Ladies In Red Tonight

in Causes, Events, Fashion

Dita Von Teese and Jennifer Love Hewitt, among some other high profile stars, will be hitting the catwalk in New York tonight for the annual Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to raise

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I’m Willing Tibet This Won’t End Well For Groupon

in Causes, Internet, Video

If Groupon’s goal for their recent commercial was to be “pompous” and “irreverent,” then they definitely succeeded. The Chicago-based deal-website faced their first world-wide blunder on Super Bowl Sunday with

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