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Natural Products Expo West 2011

in Events

The largest trade show for natural, organic and healthy products is back! Last year’s event displayed over 3,000 exhibits, and brought in nearly 56,000 industry members. That’s a lot of

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Jay Leno’s Electric Ford Focus To Hit Petersen Museum

in People, Transport

Back in 2009, a little program called The Jay Leno Show had a segment called “The Green Car Challenge,” where celebrity guests would drive an electric Ford Focus around a

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Vivienne Westwood To Save The Woods: Part Two!

in Causes, People

When it comes to expressing her beliefs, Vivienne Westwood’s bark sure has bite. The famed fashion designer is not happy about the British government’s plan to sell off sections of

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Weird Al Yankovic Thinks Dead Cows Are Gross

in Eats, People, Print

Remember that long-haired guy that used to sing all of those spoof songs like “I’m Fat” and “Amish Paradise” ? Turns out, Weird Al Yankovic just recently published a children’s

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Puppy Bowl 2011: Brace Yourself For Cuteness

in Animals, Sports

Well, folks, it’s finally here! The Puppy Bowl is back this year for another dose of adorable overload. For those of you who don’t know, every year during Super Bowl

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Super People Being Super Green For The Super Bowl

in Eats, Transport

Zpizza is jumping on the bandwagon— the electric, two-wheeled bandwagon— and restaurant locations in Seal Beach and Huntington Beach are gearing up to use Thrust Electric Eco-Delivery bikes to deliver

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Opossum, My Possum: To Host The Academy Awards?

in Animals, Internet, People

Possums search through garbage, a cat was recently tossed into a garbage can, Anne Hathaway was recently cast as Catwoman, historically cats are opposed by dogs, a dog’s near evolutionary

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