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Eva Longoria Wants Harsher Punishment For Animal Abusers

in Animals, Causes, Internet

AGREED. After reading an article about a New Jersey woman who was charged with torturing her pit bull puppy by starving it and throwing it 19 stories down a garbage

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‘Old Spice Man’ Isaiah Mustafa Needs Vegan Help In The Kitchen

in News

You all know him as the “Old Spice Guy” or “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” with those chiseled abs and toned arms — but what you may not

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Russell Simmons Says Vegan Junk Food “Not Bad”

in Eats

CNN’s Eatocracy snagged an interview with Def Jam pioneer Russell Simmons, where he discussed his experiences as full-time vegan. Simmons advocates the choice of turning vegan, and addresses the misconception

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New Dinosaur Unearthed, Say Hello To Daemonosaurus

in Animals

Ghost Ranch, NM (how fitting), is the dig site where the fossilized skull and neck vertebrae of the ‘daemonosaurus chauliodus’ was recently discovered. It seems as though ‘new’ dinosaur bones

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Angelina Jolie Launches Charity Jewelry Line

in Causes, Video

Actress and all around doer-of-good-deeds Angelina Jolie joined forces with Robert Procop to create “Style of Jolie,” a new charitable line of jewelry, which is now on display at Juliens

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Adam Lambert Surpasses Goal For Charity: Water By 10x

in Causes, Internet

I love when a celebrity actually uses their fame for a good cause, don’t you? A few months ago, Adam Lambert requested that for his 29th birthday (on January 29th)

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Celebrity Charity Event Honors Betty White For Work With Animals

in Animals

Betty White received the inaugural “Betty White Inspirational Award” this weekend at a celebrity charity event on behalf of her work with animals— which just goes to show you how only

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