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Kate Moss Has A New Obsession: Vegan Food

in Eats

Super skinny supermodel Kate Moss has been spending her time somewhere other than the runway— the kitchen. Moss, known as the woman who coined ‘the waif’ look, has apparently been

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Amanda Seyfried Displays Her Support For Animal Adoption

in Animals

Amanda Seyfried took a trip to FedEx the other day to mail a package, but that wasn’t the exciting part. What was great was the PETA shirt she sported –

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Come One, Come All; NYC Vegetarian Food Festival

in Eats, Featured

Nutrition. Animal rights. Environmental issues. Not a vegetarian? Doesn’t matter. If you like any of the things listed above, then this festival is for you! The NYC Vegetarian Food Festival

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Madonna Dumps Malawi School Plans, Continues To Fight For Education

in People

“Some boys kiss me, some boys hug me, I think they’re okay / if they mismanage my $11 million dollars, I just walk away” Is that how it went? Although

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Midnite The Mini Horse Gets Prosthetic Leg

in Animals, Internet, Video

When Ranch Hand Rescue seized the three-legged Midnite from his neglectful owners, euthanasia was a strong possibility for the four year old miniature horse. The horse was born with the

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Kentucky’s Vegetarian Restaurant Shocks Hal Sparks

in Eats

And in the best way possible. Actor/comedian Hal Sparks paid a recent visit to Alfalfa Restaurant located in Lexington, KY — which has a complete vegetarian menu, something that Sparks

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Ellen DeGeneres Wins Award From PETCO For Animal Rights

in Animals, Events

Recognizing her efforts in the fight for animal rights, this year PETCO has awarded Ellen DeGeneres with the HOPE Award, given to those who continuously promote the bond between humans

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