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Happy Spring Equinox, From Your Friends At Ecorazzi

in Events

Nothing says green like the start of Spring! Unless, of course, you live in a place devoid of seasons. But what actually happens during the Spring Equinox? Is the day

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New Eco Trailer Helps Movie Sets And Celebs Go Green

in People, Transport

Tired of being an eco-conscious celebrity but not having your own trailer to match? I know I am! (or was it the other way around?) Thanks to Quixote Studios, the

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WINNING For Charity, Charlie Sheen Is Helping You Do It

in Contests, Events

Attention all tiger blood enthusiasts (probably none of you) and charity lovers (hopefully ALL of you): Want to be apart of a unique fundraiser and help benefit the Celebrities for

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Abbie Cornish Talks About Her Early Start As Vegetarian

in Eats

Many celebrities have made the switch to live a vegetarian lifestyle over the years as more benefits of the practice have surfaced, as well as more evidence of animal cruelty

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Terminator Dog Not A Robot, Needs Love And Adoption!

in Animals, Internet

If Voldemort Cat can get a loving family to adopt him, then there’s no reason Terminator Dog shouldn’t be able to either! I mean, he was an ally for Resistance’s sake!

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SeaWorld Celebrates Release Of 1,000th Rescued And Rehabbed Sea Turtle!

in Animals, Internet, Video

Sorry, we’re out of gift cards. But hey, freedom! Despite the controversy surrounding the marine park, SeaWorld has managed to land themselves a check on the ol’ good deed list:

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Viral Video Of The Day: In Like A Lion, Out Like Five Lambs

in Animals, Internet, Video

The owners of a Canadian hobby farm recently found themselves on the receiving end of an exciting delivery— 5 exciting deliveries, to be exact. The MacPhee family woke up one

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