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Allyson Koerner is a graduate from Emerson College where she obtained her Master’s in Print & Multimedia journalism. Passionate about writing, reading and entertainment, she is looking to make her way into the journalism profession.


WATCH: Two Dolphins Released into Wild after Years in Captivity

in Animals, Causes, News, Top News

Two dolphins are set free back to their ocean home after years of training, rehabilitation and years in captivity.

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WATCH: Pepsi Pulls Ads from Horse Show Due to Animal Cruelty

in Animals, Causes, News, Top News

Pepsi pulls ads from Tennessee horse show after video surfaces of horrific animal cruelty.

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How to Watch Today’s Annular Solar Eclipse Safely

in Featured, News, Science

Some helpful tips on how to watch the “ring of fire” in the safest of ways.

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If You Ate Pork Tapeworm Larvae Could Be Eating Your Brain

Brain tapeworms and their larvae cause Neurocysticercosis, the most common parasitic disease of the nervous system.

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Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller Embrace Plant-Based Lifestyle

Christine Taylor and hubby Ben Stiller integrate plant-based diet into their family of four.

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Queen of Disco Donna Summer Loses Battle with Lung Cancer

in Entertainment, Featured, Music, News

Donner Summer aka the Queen of Disco dead at 63 after long battle with lung cancer.

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Taylor Swift Donates $4 Million for Music Education

Taylor Swift donates a whopping $4 million to Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame.

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