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Ali Berman is a writer, teacher and activist. She works as a humane educator for HEART teaching kids about issues affecting people, animals and the environment. Ali is also a fiction writer. Her published work can be found on her website at In early 2012 Ali co-founded flipmeover, a production company with the mission to use media to raise awareness of social issues.


Brad Pitt’s Brother Climbs Mount Kilimanjaro For Clean Water Charity

in Causes, People

Doug Pitt (yes, he’s Brad’s brother) is currently climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money to bring clean drinking water to African communities. Pitt, a photojournalist and U.S. Goodwill Ambassador for

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Google Maps Tracks Mass Animal Deaths

in Animals

Most of us have by now heard about the thousands of blackbirds that dropped out of the sky in Arkansas on New Years Eve. But those tragic deaths only tell

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Paul McCartney Asks Indian Prime Minister to Create a National Vegetarian Day

in Animals, Eats

One of the world’s most outspoken and influential vegetarians, Paul McCartney, has asked the Indian Prime Minister to declare a national vegetarian day. India, a country where an estimated 42%

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Bob Marley’s Children Launch Eco-Friendly Product Line

in Lifestyle

When I think of Bob Marley, I don’t necessarily think of coffee, sporting goods and electronics. However, Marley’s children have formed a new eco minded company called Marley & Co.

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Gordon Ramsay Held Up At Gunpoint By Shark Finning Gangsters

in Animals, Featured

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay recently traveled to Costa Rica to investigate and expose the world of shark finning for a new TV show. However, when Ramsay met face to face

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Conan And Kimmel Do Skits Of Sarah Palin Killing Rudolph

in Entertainment

In case you missed it, a few weeks ago, Palin went hunting for her reality show, ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska.’ In an effort to showcase Sarah’s compassionate heart and favorite pastime,

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Alyssa Milano Raising $38,000 (And Counting) For Charity Water

in Causes

What’s a girl to do for her 38th birthday? How about raise $38,000 to help provide clean drinking water to developing nations. Alyssa Milano has asked her fans to donate

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