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Ali Berman is a writer, teacher and activist. She works as a humane educator for HEART teaching kids about issues affecting people, animals and the environment. Ali is also a fiction writer. Her published work can be found on her website at In early 2012 Ali co-founded flipmeover, a production company with the mission to use media to raise awareness of social issues.


Lance Bass on Veganism and Jessica Alba on Eco Living at EMAs

in Causes, Environment, News, Top News, Vegan

Jessica Alba, Ian Somerhalder, Lance Bass and more show up for the 2012 Environmental Media Awards.

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Tiny Vegetarian Dinosaur Might Have Made a Good Pet

in News, Science, Top News

There aren’t many dinosaurs researchers describe as potential good pets, but the Pegomastax africanus, despite its vampire-like teeth, was about the same size as housecat.

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James Cameron Goes Vegan for Animals and the Planet

in Eats, Featured, News, Vegan

In a move that helps the earth, people and animals, it seems that the director has gone vegan, and has brought his family along for the ride.

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Leona Lewis Goes Vegan and Asks Fans for Recipe Suggestions

in Eats, News, Top News, Vegan

Longtime vegetarian and animal advocate Leona Lewis has gone vegan!

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WATCH: Liam Neeson Strips Down to Pink Briefs for Breast Cancer

in Causes, News, People, Top News

Ladies and gents at the “Ellen” show were in for a special kind of treat when Liam Neeson came to visit.

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Chrissie Hynde Finds the World’s Best Vegan Burger at VeganBurg

in Eats, News, Top News, Vegan

While in Singapore rocker Chrissie Hynde was invited by vegan fast food chain VeganBurg to tour its four locations and try items on the menu.

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Animal Hospice Charity Shut Down Amid Cruelty Charges

in Animals, News, Top News

A few years ago Angel’s Gate hospice, a center for disabled and chronically ill animals, was soaking up the public praise.

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