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Ali Berman is the author of Choosing a Good Life: Lessons from People Who Have Found Their Place in the World (Hazelden) and Misdirected (Seven Stories Press). She works as a humane educator for HEART teaching kids about issues affecting people, animals and the environment. Her published work can be found on her website at In early 2012 Ali co-founded flipmeover, a production company with the mission to use media to raise awareness of social issues.


Young Gorillas Seen Dismantling Snares to Protect Their Own

in Animals, Causes, News, Science, Top News

If you saw someone you loved die at the hands of a snare, what would you do? Search for and destroy snares to protect your other loved ones? Seems logical. And that’s exactly what a couple of young gorillas did.

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BBQ Dessert Recipe: Grilled Plantains with Agave

in Eats, News, Recipes, Top News, Vegan

Who knew you could prepare dessert on the grill? Well, you can, and it sure is delicious! This recipe for grilled plantains is a great addition to your summer dessert recipe box.

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WATCH: Man Frees Endangered Whale from Fishing Line

in Animals, Causes, Featured, News, Science

Two fisherman off the coast of Virginia spotted something you don’t see everyday: an endangered Northern Right Whale.This particular animal was tangled and dragging heavy fishing debris and in desperate need of help.

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Hugh Jackman Fears Heart Attack from Terrible ‘Wolverine’ Diet

in Eats, Healthy Living, News, Top News, Vegan

Actor Hugh Jackman knows that his 6,000 calorie a day diet for “Wolverine” isn’t doing his body any favors. In fact, he’s downright worried it will eventually cause him to have a heart attack.

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Blackfish: A Film That Will Blow SeaWorld Out of the Water

in Animals, Causes, Featured, News

“Blackfish”, a new documentary about captive orcas and the story of Tilikum, is raising the bar again. If you don’t get past the first paragraph of this review, I will simply beg you, on behalf of all captive animals (especially orcas), to go see this film.

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Jane Goodall Headlining at Inspiring Conference for Teachers

If you’re an educator and think that expanding education to include compassion is a great idea, we’ve got the perfect conference for you.

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James Van Der Beek Says Humans Drinking Cow’s Milk is ‘Weird’

in Eats, Healthy Living, News, Top News, Vegan

Actor James Van Der Beek had his private thoughts on humans drinking cow’s milk validated yesterday after reading an article by Dr. Mark Hyman titled, “Got Proof? Lack of Evidence for Milk’s Benefits”.

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