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Ali Berman is the author of Choosing a Good Life: Lessons from People Who Have Found Their Place in the World (Hazelden) and Misdirected (Seven Stories Press). She works as a humane educator for HEART teaching kids about issues affecting people, animals and the environment. Her published work can be found on her website at In early 2012 Ali co-founded flipmeover, a production company with the mission to use media to raise awareness of social issues.


WATCH: Colbert Takes on Monsanto for GMO “Frankenwheat”

in Causes, Environment, Featured, News, Video

Stephen Colbert took on every GMO hating person’s least favorite company: Monsanto.

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Has Johnny Depp Gone Vegan? Source Says Yes

in Eats, News, Top News, Vegan

A source is saying that Depp has eliminated meat and dairy from his diet (as well as booze) for his new girlfriend Amber Heard.

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Ellen Page Considers Becoming a Freegan

in Causes, Environment, News, Top News

Actress Ellen Page has been asking herself some big questions since starring in the eco-thriller “The East”. Mostly dealing with how one can live ethically in a world so filled with corruption.

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Kristen Bell Wants Alligator Abusers to Be Charged with Cruelty

in Animals, Causes, News, Top News

The Humane Society of Greater Dayton rescued a sick and abused alligator from the basement of a man’s house after being notified about a facebook video of the animal being taunted by a a young man.

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New Study Says Vegetarians May Live Longer Than Omnivores

A new study from researchers at Loma Linda University in California suggests that vegetarians and vegans may outlive their omnivorous friends.

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Raw Foodie Woody Harrelson Is Tempted By Cooked Foods

in Eats, News, Top News, Vegan

Vegan and raw food lover Woody Harrelson isn’t tempted by dairy filled ice-cream, cheesy lasagna or beef bourguignon. In fact, the actor barely even glances at dishes that aren’t vegan. But he does have one weakness.

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Kaley Cuoco Says ‘Bizarre Foods’ Is Cruel to Animals

“Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco took to her twitter account yesterday to bash the Travel Channel’s show “Bizarre Foods”. What’s the problem? Cuoco thinks the food show is cruel to animals.

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