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Amanda Just is a longtime vegan who loves to promote compassionate living in fun, creative ways. As a writer, she has contributed to This Dish Is Veg,, and many other blogs, websites, and newsletters. As an activist, she champions many causes, from veganism and animal rights to environmental protection and human rights. Amanda resides in Tampa Bay, Florida.


Pharrell and Timberland Team Up for Buzzworthy Eco Bee Boots

in Fashion, News, Top News

Boots were made for walkin’, but these new kicks from Timberland walk kinder on the Earth. Designed with hip hop superstar, Pharrell Williams, these new bee-inspired boots are made with a

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Mark Your Calendars for CatConLA Right Meow

in Animals, Causes, Events, News, Top News

A ComicCon for ‘cat people’?! You have CAT to be KITTEN me right MEOW! Yes, it’s true. June 6-7th in Los Angeles, California, will be the purrfect paradise for (human)

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Guess the Age of the World’s Oldest Living Cat

in Animals, News, Top News

It’s official: the world’s oldest living cat resides in San Diego, California. If Tiffany Two were a human, she would definitely be old enough to vote, purchase alcohol, and rent

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New Dating Site Connects Philanthropists Looking for Love

in Causes, News, Top News

While there is no shortage of dating sites targeting plenty of diverse interests, a new site is connecting charitable do-gooders looking for love. iHeartVolunteers features volunteer opportunities as dates, which is

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Cinnamon Snail Goes Off the Road, Closes Up for Good

in Eats, News, Top News, Vegan

On February 28th, the food truck world will lose one of its greatest: the all-vegan Cinnamon Snail, based out of New York City. The award-winning food truck announced on Valentine’s

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Pink Goes Naked and Fur Free with PETA

in Animals, Causes, News, Top News

Singer, Pink is fearless and furless as she bears all in a new PETA ad. The singer stripped down to her birthday suit to say she’d rather go naked than

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The Future of Sushi is Vegan

in Eats, Featured, News, Top News, Vegan

If it looks like fish and tastes like fish, it must be fish, right? Not necessarily. Tomato Sushi is turning tomatoes into tuna (kind of) and creating more sustainable, vegan

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