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Amanda Just is a longtime vegan who loves to promote compassionate living in fun, creative ways. As a writer, she has contributed to This Dish Is Veg,, and many other blogs, websites, and newsletters. As an activist, she champions many causes, from veganism and animal rights to environmental protection and human rights. Amanda resides in Tampa Bay, Florida.


Tia Mowry Dishes on Five of Her Favorite Easy Vegan Meals

in Eats, Healthy Living, News, Top News, Vegan

The actress and PETA supporter spoke candidly about her reasons for going vegan, her struggles, and what she likes to eat on a typical day.

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Somerhalder: 11-Year-Old Girl Is ‘So Brave’ for Escaping Marriage

in Causes, Internet, News, People, Top News

A video of a brave Yemenite girl who ran away from an arranged marriage has gone viral. 11-year-old Nada Al-Ahdal ran away from her parents to her uncle’s house, escaping a nightmare that would end her childhood and freedom

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Mayim Bialik Celebrates Emmy Nomination with Vegan Donuts

in Eats, Entertainment, Film/TV, News, Science, Vegan

Famous vegan mama indulges her sweet tooth with “crazy” vegan treats from Psycho Donuts in San Jose, California.

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WATCH: Activists Bring Coolness, Love to Slaughter-bound Pigs

in Animals, Causes, News, Science, Top News, Video

During the recent heatwave in Toronto, activists took to the streets to provide some heat relief and kindness to pigs cramped in hot transport trucks.

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Dog Heroically Rescues, Adopts Abandoned Kitten

in Animals, Causes, News, Top News, Video

An animal control officer in North Carolina responded to a nuisance call only to find a dog nursing an abandoned kitten near a creek.

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Over 300 Centuries-Old Trees Felled for Pope Event in Brazil

in Causes, Environment, News, Science, Top News

According to the vice mayor, the Church nor the event organizers had permission to clear the trees in the national park.

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Paul McCartney Speaks Up for Elephant’s Freedom

in Animals, Causes, News, Top News

Rock legend Paul McCartney recently wrote to the president of the Philippines, urging for Mali the elephant’s release into a sanctuary.

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