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Brianne Hogan is a freelance writer based in Toronto. She enjoys traveling, drinking red wine, and being around animals as much as possible. Pets trump people in her book. Her byline has been featured on The Toast, The Frisky, Nerve, XOJane, Creative Screenwriting Magazine, TV Rage, among others.


Exclusive: Heather Morris of ‘Glee’ Talks About Her New Role With IFAW

in Animals, Causes, Film/TV, News, Top News

Heather Morris may be best known for her role as Brittany in the hit FOX musical, “Glee”, but now the actress and singer is lending her pipes to a new

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Study: Fish Have Feelings, Too

in Animals, News, Science, Top News

Just another reason to avoid eating pescatarian: a new study has found that fish have emotions. The study, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, found that zebrafish responded to stress

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Saves the Life of His Namesake Puppy

in Animals, Causes, News, Top News

Looks like The Rock is both a hero onscreen — and off. Dwayne Johnson helped save the life of shelter pup named in his honor by donating to his life-saving

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Chinese Man Spends $400K to Buy Dog Slaughterhouse, Sets Up Shelter

in Animals, Causes, News, Top News

Wang Yan used his fortune to buy out a dog slaughterhouse so he could set up a shelter for strays dogs instead, saving 2,000 canines in the process. This extraordinary

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Zappos Will Pay For Your Pet Adoption This Weekend

in Animals, News, Top News

Black Friday shopping just got a whole lot cuter! If you’re looking to adopt a furry friend this holiday season, Zappos is making it easier for you by covering the

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Study: Eating Less Meat Is the Only Way to Save the Planet

in Causes, Eats, Environment, News, Top News, Vegan, Vegetarian

Want to save the planet? Then you should be eating less meat. According to a climate think tank, switching to a veggie-based diet will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent

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Pet Safety Tips For the Holidays

in Animals, Lifestyle, News, Top News

The holiday season is upon us, which means many animal lovers will include their furry friends with the festivities. ‘Tis the season to be merry, but also to be informed

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