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Charlie Sheen Makes Huge Donation to Help USO and Troops

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Sheen announced Monday that he will donate at least $1 million to the USO, an organization which provides entertainment for troops.

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Never Before Seen Video Shows Snow Leopard Moms and Cubs

in Animals, Causes, News, Science, Top News

A new video reveals rare footage of the Mongolian dens of two snow leopards mothers and their cubs. Dens are vital sources of data about the endangered species.

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Vegan Diet Helps Reduce Weight and Menopausal Symptoms

in Eats, News, Science, Top News, Vegan

A new study found that a low-fat diet, plant-based diet helped postmenopausal women both lose weight and manage hot flashes and night sweats.

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Morgan Freeman Headlines the Oceana SeaChange Summer Party

in Causes, Environment, News, Top News

This year marks the 5th Anniversary of the annual SeaChange Summer Party benefitting Oceana. The benefit, which takes place in Orange County, California, enables supporters to bring back the sea

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Mark Bittman to Turn Vegan Before Six Into a Cookbook

in Eats, News, Top News, Vegan

In February 2009, New York Times columnist Mark Bittman introduced his dietary plan to readers: he ate vegan meals until 6 pm, at which time he resumed eating animal-based products.

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New Study Finds Kids Raised With Dogs Are Healthier

in News, Science, Top News

A new study has found that babies raised around dogs have fewer colds, fewer ear infections, and require fewer antibiotics than those raised in pet-free homes.

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Sneaker Giant Puma Anticipates an End to Their Use of Leather

in Animals, Environment, News, Sports, Top News

International sporting goods manufacturer Puma has announced that it will one day stop using leather for its athletic shoes and soccer boots because of its disastrous environmental impact.

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