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China DeSpain is a San Antonio-based writer and blogger. She loves pop culture, animal rights, health and fitness, international travel, books and wigs. Follow China on Twitter: @ChinaDeSpain


‘Forks Over Knives’ Spawns Another Celeb Vegetarian

in Entertainment, Film/TV, Vegan

The health documentary Forks Over Knives is creating big changes in Hollywood. The film, which touts the health benefits of a vegan diet, has been the catalyst for several celebs

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UPDATE: PETA’s Nintendo Jab ‘Tongue-in-Cheek’

in Animals, Causes

Yesterday we told you about PETA’s claims that Nintendo’s Super Mario games send the message that wearing fur is acceptable, since Mario often dons a “Tanooki suit” to gain special

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PETA ‘Fur’ious About Mario Tanooki Suit

in Animals, Causes

Forget about rescuing the princess — Mario needs to worry about saving his own skin, or at least the skin on his Tanooki suit. Animal-rights group PETA is going after

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Sexiest Man Bradley Cooper in Love — With Rescue Dog Charlotte

in Entertainment, Featured, Film/TV

Today People magazine crowned Bradley Cooper as its 2011 Sexiest Man Alive. And while The Hangover star certainly has a lot going for him — good looks, a hot career —

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Justin Bua Explores Link Between Hip-Hop and Veganism

in Entertainment, Music, Vegan

“I think being vegan is the ultimate expression of hip-hop.” So says musician and artist Justin Bua, who, having recently created a coffee table book called Legends of Hip-Hop, a

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PETA’s New Thanksgiving Ad Aimed At Kids

in Animals, Causes

Animal-rights group PETA is known for making thought-provoking, sometimes shocking ads that garner attention. And this year’s Thanksgiving ad is no exception. The ad, which will appear on billboards near

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Chelsea Clinton Ready to ‘Make a Difference’

in Entertainment, Film/TV

Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton is finally stepping into the spotlight. After years of remaining behind the scenes during her parents’ various political endeavors, Clinton is now ready to appear

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