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Crystal wears her passion for the environment proudly on her well as through the recycling symbol tattooed on her wrist. True story! With a frightening addiction to social media, Crystal posts on 17 networks...& counting. More importantly, as a mom & a woman, Crystal is highly focused on leading by example for her family. She uses her blog, Ideally speaking..., to share funny parenting stories, but also to motivate others into social involvement, healthy living & human equality, writing with an idealistic outlook on life. Connect with Crystal on Twitter.


Ed Norton Talks Biodiversity Protection At Rio Earth Summit

in Animals, Causes, Environment, News, Top News

Speaking out at the Rio+ 20 Earth Summit, UN Ambassador, Edward Norton, discusses the need for understanding & protection of our planet’s biodiversity.

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WATCH: Jason Mraz Asks You to “Push Button. Save Planet.”

in Causes, Environment, Music, Top News, Video

In a personal letter to the supports of The Climate Reality Project, singer Jason Mraz asks readers to add their voice to a White House bound petition.

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Robert Redford Speaks Out Against Oil Industry Handouts

in Causes, Environment, News, People, Top News

In a recent article for The Huff Post Green, actor Robert Redford spoke out about the backwards thinking behind giving tax payer money to the oil industry.

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Solar Floating Resort: Eco Luxury in the Center Of the Ocean!

in Causes, Environment, Lifestyle, Top News

A new sun-powered floating resort concept is a hybrid model, giving guests the comforts of a yacht with the visual and exploratory benefits of a submarine.

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Great Pacific Garbage Patch Stars in Its Own Graphic Novel

in Causes, Environment, News, Print, Top News

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch comes to life in the beautifully illustrated graphic novel, I’m Not a Plastic Bag, by Rachel Hope Allison.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Asks You to Help Protect Our Oceans

in Causes, Environment, News, Top News

Planet-loving actor Leonardo DiCaprio lent his support to World Oceans Day today by using his social media networks to bring awareness to the Peace Paddle event in Malibu.

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Toronto City Council Bans Plastic Bags

in Causes, Environment, News, Top News

Canadian environmentalists celebrate a victory, as Toronto City Council votes to ban all plastic bags by January 1, 2013.

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