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Crystal wears her passion for the environment proudly on her well as through the recycling symbol tattooed on her wrist. True story! With a frightening addiction to social media, Crystal posts on 17 networks...& counting. More importantly, as a mom & a woman, Crystal is highly focused on leading by example for her family. She uses her blog, Ideally speaking..., to share funny parenting stories, but also to motivate others into social involvement, healthy living & human equality, writing with an idealistic outlook on life. Connect with Crystal on Twitter.


WATCH: Could You Live on Just $1.50 Per Day?

Could you feed yourself on just $1.50 per day? Many people around the world this week have challenged themselves to do just that. The Live Below the Line campaign was

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Natalie Portman Designs Watch With Richard Mille for Charity

in Causes, Fashion, Lifestyle, People, Top News

Actress Natalie Portman is partnering with watchmaker Richard Mille to design a limited-edition watch, with proceeds benefiting charity Free the Children.

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Livia Firth helps Prada Go Green at Met Ball

Livia Firth adds Prada and Cameron Diaz to the Green Carpet Challenge family at the 2012 Met Ball.

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James Cameron is Only in the “Avatar Business” Now

Director, James Cameron, has announced that he is only in “the ‘Avatar’ business now” in a recent interview with the New York Times. “I’m making ‘Avatar 2,’ ‘Avatar 3,’ maybe

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WATCH: Leo DiCaprio Says Check Out New Water Documentary

Actor and Environmentalist, Leonardo DiCaprio, wants everyone to take a look at a great new documentary Last Call at the Oasis, which has been released today.

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Al Gore Blogs on Historic Climate Legislation in South Korea

Former Vice President and Environmentalist, Al Gore, posted a blog today about the historic climate change legislation that has just been passed in South Korea.

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Alec Baldwin Hosting Anti-Fracking Event this Summer

Actor Alec Baldwin will host a special event to raise awareness for the “What the Frack?” movement that has swept society. It will take place this summer at the Landmark

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