WATCH: Meghan McCain, Brandy Go Naked For Skin Cancer PSA

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As someone with family members who have been directly affected by skin cancer, I wear sunblock everyday. I know some Ecorazzi readers will disagree with me on this, because some

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May 21st Doomsday: Judgment Awaits?

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Ah, Judgment Day! That special time of year when you go home to see the folks for Thanksgiving and your grandmother tells you that you look “puffier” than the last

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Gordon Ramsay Slammed By Animal Rights Groups For Eating Snake Heart On TV

in Animals

Controversy is nothing new for celeb chef Gordon Ramsay, and he has landed himself in hot water again after eating a snake heart for his UK TV show “Gordon’s Great

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Viral Video: Cat and Barn Owl Are Best Friends

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We love all of the odd animal pairings that have been popping up lately (thank you YouTube!!). There was the video of the cat and dolphins who became fast friends,

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President Obama Meets With Flood Victims in Memphis

in News

Sometimes Mother Nature is a b$tch— like, for example, floods ravaging the state of Mississippi. And when you’re President Barack Obama, that means visiting the victims of those floods to

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Unpublished Michael Jackson Photos Will Help Power The World, Inventor Claims

in Internet

Looks like Michael Jackson is being exploited again, but this time it’s for a green cause. Reginald Garcia, an inventor in Los Angeles, photographed Michael 33 years ago and now

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WATCH: Celebs Record Charity PSA for Japan Relief

in Causes

It has been a little over two months since the tsunami hit Japan and caused unprecedented devastation, but lots of work still needs to be done, and celebs are trying

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