Watch Celebrities Sing Karaoke To Benefit UNICEF Charity

in Events

I only perform karaoke if there’s the promise of some strong cocktails and an abundance of Spice Girls tracks to choose from. But some people love to sing in front

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Stella McCartney Launches Eco-Clothing Store In New York

in Fashion

Live in New York? Want to get your eco-fashionista on? Then you’re in luck, because Stella McCartney recently launched a shop-in-shop at the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store. Over the

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Demi Moore and CNN Documentary Highlight Human Trafficking

in Causes

Demi Moore and husband Ashton Kutcher have been trying to end the sex trafficking industry by raising funds for their DNA Foundation and their controversial PSA campaign called “Real Men

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‘Dirty Jobs’ Star Mike Rowe Strips For Breast Cancer Charity

in Causes, Video

Everyone likes a man who’s willing to get dirty, but what if that dirty man is also helping to raise money for breast cancer? That’s what we call a Mike

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Paul McCartney Announces He’s Getting Married… Again

in News

I love weddings, especially the ones with open bars. But Paul McCartney must really love weddings, because he has decided to take a third trip down the aisle. This time

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A Military Dog Took Down Osama Bin Laden?

in Animals

We have all been rightfully praising the troop of 79 Navy SEALs who took out Osama bin Laden, but there’s someone very important that we’ve all been leaving out: the

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FOOD: Cinco De Mayo Margarita Recipe

in Eats

Hola! Como estas? Muy bien, y tu? Okay, that’s all I remember from my high school Spanish classes. But you know what? It’s Cinco de Mayo and I’ll Spanglish if

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