‘X Factor’ Castaway Cheryl Cole Raises Money in Charity Auction

in Causes, Fashion, Music

British pop darling Cheryl Cole may have been fired from “The X Factor”, but that won’t stop her from doing some good. The much-adored pop star recently participated in a

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Jackie Chan Performs at Eco-Event in China

in Pop Culture

If there’s an eco-centric event going on in China, you can bet that action star Jackie Chan will be there. Chan has been vocal in the past on a number

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Environmental Group Determines Lamb as Worst Meat for Environment

in Animals, Causes, Eats

Most of us already know that meat production isn’t good for the environment. But the Environmental Working Group’s in-depth study on the impact of raising animals for slaughter, especially in

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Betty White Invited to Marine Corps Ball

in People

With both Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis attending a Marine Corps ball with their YouTube-made matches, the question going forward is how many other Marines (or civilians, for that matter)

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Carmageddon: Big Deal, or a Bunch of Hollywood Hooey?

in Events

Carmageddon is coming, Hollywood stars are tweeting, and somewhere I’m sure Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck are boarding a spaceship to save the world. But Lisa Schweitzer, a professor of

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Make-A-Wish Returns to ESPN With ‘My Wish’ Tearjerkers

in Causes, Sports

This Sunday, the ESPN series “My Wish” returns to make grown men and women weep. The series, which is partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, brings ailing children together with their

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George Clooney’s Sudan Team Finds Mass Graves

in Causes

George Clooney has been involved in peace talks in Sudan for a while now, but just recently his Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) found physical evidence of some of the atrocities

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