Charlie Sheen Is Bi-Winning With Bipolar Walk

in Causes

Charlie Sheen famously claimed that he was “bi-winning” when asked if he was suffering from bipolar disorder, but now it seems that he’s actually taking steps to raise awareness for

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Russia Issues A Ban On Polar Bear Hunting

in Animals

Here’s some good news folks: Russia has officially banned the hunting of polar bears… at least for this year. The move is a response to an animal activist group “The

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Robert Pattinson Raises Money For Tsunami Victims In Japan

in Causes

Looks like Robert Pattinson is sinking his fangs into some serious charity work. The Twilight hunk, along with Water for Elephants co-star Reese Witherspoon are just a few of the

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Ke$ha Joins PETA In Protesting Seal Slaughter In Canada

in Animals, Causes

I know that singer Ke$ha enjoys glitter eyeliner and wakes up in the mornin’ feeling like P. Diddy, but that she’s a vegetarian and animal activist to boot? Color me

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The Voltitude Swiss Army Bike

in Transport, Video

In the most hellishly cramped of urban areas, even a bicycle can be tough to deal with. Apartment living or limited access to bike racks can leave you with no

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Watch: Aurora Borealis 2011

in Events, Video

I have yet to see an aurora borealis (or northern lights) for myself, which is why I am so glad that clever people out there make videos when they do

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Viral Video: Cat And Dolphins Play Together

in Animals, Internet, Video

Animals sure do know how to out-adorable each other, don’t they? We told you about the unlikely bond between a goose and a deer in New York last week, and

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