Lil Wayne’s Ex-GF Nivea Starts Teen Mom Charity

in Causes, Music

Teen pregnancies are a real problem, and not just because they keep that “Teen Mom” show going on MTV. Many young girls are abandoned by their families when they become

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Venomous Stowaway Spider Shuts Down Market, Causes Pesticide Frenzy

in Animals, News

A quick note to all arachnophobes out there: do not get a job unloading crates of bananas. A store in Bexbach in western Germany had to be completely shut down

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Massive Jurassic Sea Monster ‘Pliosaur’ Unveiled

in Animals, News

So we haven’t found ol’ Nessie yet. Who cares? We have another gigantic, fearsome sea monster to look at in awe, and it’s called the pliosaur. Paleontologists are calling it

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Attention Spider Man Fans: Buy Signed Comic for Cancer Charity

in Print

All you diehard Spidey fanatics who are drooling over the 2012 release date of the next installment of the film franchise, The Amazing Spider-Man— we have some good news! A

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Adele Goes Vegetarian Because of Her Dog

in Animals, Music

“Rolling in the Deep” singer, Adele, has decided to go veg— and it’s all thanks to her pet pooch. Apparently every time the 23-year-old eats meat she is reminded of

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WATCH: Rare Half-Donkey, Half-Zebra Born

in Animals, Internet, Video

Oh, animal hybrids— quit being so adorable why dontcha?! Just kidding! It’s actually impossible for mixed breed animals to be ugly, especially if you’re a “Donkra,” aka a mix of

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Beyonce Treats Boys & Girls Club of Harlem to Hugs

in Events

If you’re a fan of Beyonce‘s music then you’ll know that she’s a self proclaimed diva. But the 29-year-old acted like anything but during a recent visit with the Boys

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