‘Harry Potter’ Stars Play Cricket for Charity, Sure To Beat Voldemort

in Causes

The Weasley twins from Harry Potter, James and Oliver Phelps, are quickly becoming some of our charitable favorites, as we told you about their recent mountain adventure for charity, and

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Leona Lewis Wants a Ban On Animals in Circuses

in Animals, Causes

People always tell you to write letters to your elected officials to try and make a difference in the laws around us, but no one actually bothers to do that…

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Celebs “C” Themselves For American Cancer Society

in Causes

David Duchovny, Colbie Caillat, Julie Benz, Parker Posey and more are “C”ing themselves for a good cause. The American Cancer Society and Showtime’s The Big C have partnered together to

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Holy Going Green, Batman! The Batmobile Now Eco-Friendly

in Transport

The latest installment of the Christopher Nolan directed Batman film franchise is set to debut next summer, but the Batman Live stage show can tide you over and gets bonus

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WATCH: Man Teaches His Adopted Dog To Recycle

in Animals, Featured, Internet, Video

Dog owners are likely familiar with the training basics of sit, roll over, poop outside. But for Keith Sanderson and his pet labrador, Max, they took it to the next

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Kirstie Alley Unveils All-Organic Weight Loss Program

in Healthy Living, Lifestyle

I have followed Kirstie Alley‘s diet roller coaster with a fervor that should be reserved for things that actually matter, but when I heard she had created an all-organic weight

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‘Harry Potter’ Star Daniel Radcliffe To Be Honored At LGBTQ Awards Ceremony

in Events

We told you about the announcement that Daniel Radcliffe would be this year’s recipient of the Trevor Hero Award from The Trevor Project, a national organization that provides support and

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