Carrie Underwood Won’t Cook Meat For The Safety Of Others

in Eats

In an interview with country music station US 99.5, vegan country singer Carrie Underwood admitted that she refuses to cook meat during the holidays. She explained to the radio hosts

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Stephen Colbert Says Global Warming Doesn’t Exist

in People

Did anyone catch Monday night’s episode of “The Colbert Report,” where host Stephen Colbert claimed that global warming is no longer a thing because “the American people voted that it’s

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Kate Hudson Pregnant With Muse Frontman’s Child

in Lifestyle

If the last month is any indication, pregnant is the new black in Hollywood. Natalie Portman, Marion Cotillard, Miranda Kerr, have all had baby news — and now it appears

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Jamie Oliver Aims To Slim Down LA With “Food Revolution”

in Causes, Eats, People

Quickly! Lock your treats cupboards, gorge on Tofutti, hide your sugary valuables! Jamie Oliver is coming to town and he’s taking no prisoners! What am I rambling about? Celebrity chef,

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Prince Charles To Build Massive Eco-Village In India

in Home, People

Hell, who knew that Prince Charles was such an epically awesome badass? The dude is building an eco-friendly model village for 15,000 poor people in India that will include schools, shops,

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Alicia Silverstone Makes Getting Gorgeous A Little More Green

in Fashion

Let’s be honest, Alicia Silverstone could be selling hemp flavored bubble gum and I’d buy it. Luckily, she’s hawking something much prettier— the actress/author/advocate can add eco-friendly cosmetic designer to

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Radiohead Fans Create Charity DVD, Band Approves

in Music

When you think about dedicated fans, Radiohead is a band that has some of the most diehard. In fact, we recently told you about a group who have spent the past

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