Johnny Depp Wants To Run Away From Modern Technology

in News

Johnny Depp probably won’t be your BBM friend anytime soon. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor recently gave an interview where he denounced our technology-fueled culture and choices to pick

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Jake Gyllenhaal Collects Cook Books, Farms His Own Veggies

in Eats, People

I enjoy looking at Jake Gyllenhaal‘s face. He has a strong jaw, and droopy puppy eyes that make me want to cook my grandmother’s spaghetti for him. That being said, apparently

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Miranda Kerr Reveals Her Environmentalist Origins In New Interview

in People

Being blindly jealous of Miranda Kerr makes sense; she’s a stunning Victoria’s Secret model who recently married Orlando Bloom and just gave birth to the couple’s first son. In short,

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James Franco, Alec Baldwin, And More To Support Elephant Documentary

in Animals

Super exclusive celebrity events — why do you taunt me?!! On January 20th, Kat Kramer will host her third installment of “Films That Change the World,” an invitation only celeb-filled

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Sean Penn Honored By Producer’s Guild For Work In Haiti, Still Badass

in Causes

Ya know how Sean Penn is like a total badass? And he does awesome films like Mystic River and Milk? Well, he also has been a huge activist for Haiti,

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Empire State Building Goes Green For Good

in Home

The Empire State Building may be an iconic part of New York, but right now the famous building is in a green state of mind. It was announced that the

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Matt Damon Honored For Charitable Work With Critics’ Choice Award

in Causes

The Broadcast Film Critics Association announced today that at this year’s 16th annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, Matt Damon will receive the Joel Siegel award. Get it, Damon! The show

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