Lea Michelle Bucks Against Horse-Drawn Carriages [VIDEO]

in Animals, Causes

Lea Michelle may play a diva on Glee, but she’s all about the ethical treatment of animals when it comes to her personal life. The actress is vegan, has assisted

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New Youtube Channel Features All Non-Profit Videos, Donates Ad Revenue To Charities

in Video

I love when you see a new idea pop up, and know that it’s great, but also wonder how no one thought of it before — but more specifically, why

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Daryl Hannah Makes A Splash In Sustainable Travel

in Pop Culture

When you’re a celebrity, opportunities open up that may not be available to the rest of the population; unique foods, people, and most importantly places. For Daryl Hannah, who stole

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The All-American Rejects Embrace charity: water With Online Auction

in Music

Charity: water is really on a roll. The non-profit and its founder Scott Harrison was recently featured on 20/20, celebs dig it (with support from the likes of Kristen Bell,

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Wyclef Jean’s Haiti Foundation Has A Scandal Brewing, Again

in Causes

I don’t doubt for a minute that Wyclef Jean is passionate about Haiti. He cared so much for the future of his home country that he tried to run in

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George Clooney Gives Exclusive Interview On State Of The Sudan

in Causes, Video

For many activist groups the power of images seem to be the most potent in garnering needed attention. Actor George Clooney is banking on that idea, in fact, as he

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Retirement Plans Include Beefing Up Environmentalism

in News

The former “Governator” Arnold Schwarzenegger is officially out of a job as of today, being replaced as the governor of California by his successor, Democrat Jerry Brown. But much like

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