Garth Brooks Raises $10 Million To Benefit Flood Victims

in Causes

Don’t get me wrong— I love mother nature and all of her green glory, but sometimes she can be a real b word. No one knows that more than Garth Brooks,

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Scientists Debunk Odd Celebrity Diet Trends

in Eats

The New Year is all about making resolutions toward self improvement, and as such seems to be the ripest time to try out new diets and regimes. Unfortunately, picking exactly

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Annie Lennox Honored By The Queen, Proves Sweet Dreams Do Come True

in Pop Culture

Looks like Annie Lennox, who was once named one of Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Singers Of All Time, is getting her very own sweet dream come true. The Scottish crooner

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Daniel Radcliffe Wants Harry Potter To Bird Watch And Keep Bees

in Animals, Print

Not that Daniel Radcliffe is trying to tell J.K. Rowling how to do her job, which judging by the Harry Potter franchise she has done very well, but he has

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Hippies Suffer From Hereditary Mental Illness, Says Doctor

in Print

This is the type of historic artifact that should be placed in a time capsule, buried under a schoolyard, and dug up in another 100 years so people in the

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Make A Film In 48 Hours, Save The Environment

in Contests

Last year, the 48 Hour Film Project (HFP) drew in nearly 40,000 filmmakers with 3,000 films being submitted from 76 cities around the world… That’s a whole lot of popcorn to

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Royal Family In Royal Mess After Fur-Wearing Incident

in Animals, Fashion

Looks like the Royal family has really ruffled some feathers this holiday season. Queen Elizabeth II and her daughter-in-law Camilla Parker Bowles stepped out on Christmas day to attend church

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