Ron Artest Raffles Off NBA Ring For Charity…And His Sanity

in Sports

Every seasoned celeb is familiar with the concept of damage control. And for LA Lakers defensive player Ron Artest— who was once suspended from 75 games for brawling with fans and

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Ashton Kutcher Fears Apocalypse Is Near, Runs For His Life

in People, Z-2

According to Ashton Kutcher, the apocalypse is at hand, and he’s getting in the best shape of his life so he can save Demi Moore and the rest of his

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Taj Mahal Turning Yellow From Pollution

in Pop Culture

I am not a terribly romantic person, but on my bucket list of things to do before I die is to see the Taj Mahal. And if I can be

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Anne Hathaway Reveals She Was A ‘Commitment-Shy Vegetarian’

in Animals, Eats

Anne Hathaway has felt compelled to get a lot off of her chest recently. In her latest film, Love & Other Drugs, it was her pesky clothing, and now it

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Katy Perry And Russell Brand Will Be Having A Merry Tofurky Day

in Eats, People

Everyone has their own very special holiday traditions that they share with family and friends, and for certain high-profile and very public celeb couples, they just can’t help themselves when

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Jenny McCarthy Launches ‘Too Good’ Eco-Bedding Line

in Fashion

Ever since her son Evan’s diagnosis of autism, Jenny McCarthy has become an outspoken advocate against vaccines and written books about her parenting experiences. I suppose, then, that the natural progression

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Santa Is Swimming With The Sharks To Protect Our Oceans

in Animals, Video

I never knew Santa was such a badass, but this definitely proves it! At an aquarium in Shanghai, Santa Claus was recently spotted taking a swim in the shark tank in

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