P Diddy Wants To Give You A Safe Ride Home On New Years Eve

in Causes, Transport

Got any plans for New Years Eve? Well, if you find yourself in New York or Las Vegas, two of the biggest party destinations in the country, you’ll be afforded

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Have Yourself An Eel-Powered Little Christmas

in Animals, Video

Sure, you can have a green Christmas by renting a living tree or a flat-pack, but why not take your eco-efforts up a notch and buy a 3-6 foot long

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Edward Norton And His Celeb Friends Push Fundraiser ‘Thing’

in Causes

You’ve got Edward Norton, an actor best known for his dark roles in Fight Club and American History X, and then we have his volunteer/charity organization Crowdrise, with the slogan,

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An Electric Powered Popemobile May Be Coming

in Transport

The popemobile is such an odd thing, isn’t it? Part car, part display case, part bulletproof casing, and yet, it’s how his holiness needs to get around for his own

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Jennifer Lopez: National Spokesperson For Boys & Girls Clubs of America!

in People

Jennifer Lopez is adding a lot of new gigs to her resume, including being the new judge for American Idol and national spokesperson for the Boys & Girls Clubs of

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Fabio And Electric Cars, Together At Last

in Featured, Internet, Transport, Video

You know what those electric cars need? Some hair flowing in the wind, a strong jawline, and major beefcake appeal. Or at least that’s what Plug In America is hoping

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Leonardo DiCaprio Inspires TAG Heuer To Install Solar Panels

in Home, People

Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the first celebs to get on board with green cars and is a self proclaimed eco-geek. So, perhaps it should come as no surprise that his green

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