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4 Veggies and Fruits That Are Healthier to Eat Cooked Than Raw

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It is popularly believed that raw fruits and vegetables are as healthy as it gets. However, cooking some vegetables may actually deem them healthier and more bioavailable to the body.

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15 Reasons Why Coconut Milk Is Great for Your Health

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Coconut milk is extraordinarily versatile and serves a variety of purposes in the kitchen. From breakfast to dinner and savory to sweet, coconut milk has a place in your diet.

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Why You Should Be Eating Ginger Root for Your Health

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The root may look measly and weak, but just like its taste, ginger bears some robust health kicks. Filled with cancer-fighting antioxidants and mighty anti-inflammatory benefits, ginger is your key to vibrant health and a slim figure.

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Make This: Vegan Ice Cream Cake Perfect for Summer

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Your inner child rejoices when it sees that the birthday party centerpiece is more than just two layers of light flour cake separated by a simple frosting.

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5 Summer Beauty Tips to Keep Skin, Hair and Body Radiant

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The summer may be a time to shine, but the season also poses a threat to the vitality of your skin, hair, and body.

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10 Spices to Improve Your Health

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Spices don’t just add another element to your cooking; they’re also good for your health.

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Ode to the Healing Power of the Red Pepper

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The most salient nutritional properties of the red bell pepper are that it offers 75 percent of your daily dose of vitamin A and 253 percent of your daily allowance of vitamin C.

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