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Kate Walsh’s Gaga-Inspired Sustainable Sushi Dress Auctioned Off For Oceana

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Inspired by the now-infamous meat dress that Lady Gaga wore at the 2010 MTV Music Awards, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice actress Kate Walsh donned a totally sustainable sushi and

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Bono Foundation Shells Out Big Bucks For Executive Salaries, Chump Change For African Charities

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Earlier this month, we reported that while U2’s highly outspoken Africa proponent, Bono, uses the poverty-stricken nation to produce 100% of the t-shirts for his eco-fashion label Edun, he outsources

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Jim Carrey Touting Seriously Sustainable Rice Crops With Better U Foundation

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Rubber-faced actor Jim Carrey — who has taken his comedic skills all the way to the bank at roughly $25 million per movie – hasn’t exactly been a consistent fixture

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Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Coughing Up $100M To Aid Ailing School System

in Film/TV, Internet

Most of us have a pretty good idea how Mark Zuckerberg — the youthful CEO of Facebook (the world’s most insanely popular social networking site) – got where he is

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The Best Green Bits In “HOUSE” Star Lisa Edelstein’s New Coco Eco Magazine Interview

in Animals, Eats, Film/TV

The latest issue of Coco Eco Magazine is hot off the press and who’s on it but none other than one of our favorite greenies, the marvelous Lisa Edelstein. Strutting

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New Book Reveals What Some Nature Documentaries Really Do To Get Their Money Shots

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Pssst. Wanna hear a secret? You know all those wildlife documentaries that you gobble up just like movie theater candy? Think Grizzly Man, Winged Migration, Arctic Tale and yes, even

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Sean Penn To Be Honored For Humanitarian Work At Upcoming Gala

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Resisting the temptation to snicker at Sean Penn’s, how shall we say…hot-headed temperament (especially when it comes to his feelings about Wyclef Jean’s bid for Haiti’s presidency) can sometimes be

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