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Sheryl Crow’s Current Concert Tour Includes Kick-Ass ‘Environmental Rider’

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Just how serious is Sheryl Crow about practicing what she preaches? The notoriously green musician — who is a founding member of the Green Music Group as well as a

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Vegan Singer Alanis Morissette Pregnant, Talks About “Compassionate Female Energy”

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Vegan singer Alanis Morrisette appeared smiley and incredibly content during her recent appearance on Chelsea Lately. Five months pregnant with her first child, the mom-to-be was pleasantly surprised when her doctor shared

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Vegetarian Contestant On ABC’s ‘Dating In The Dark’ Encounters Love Pitfalls

in Animals, Eats, Film/TV

The reviews for ABC’s Dating InThe Dark are in, and unless you like pseudo-reality television featuring superficially vapid yet disgustingly hot singles, critics are in agreement that the “show is

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Hollywood Taking Green Plunge With Comprehensive Eco-Themed Database

in Film/TV, Home

We’ve been hot on the trail of Hollywood productions and studios as they continue shifting over toward a greener way of doing business, and clearly, what may have begun as

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Health Concerns Prompt Pro Golfer Phil Mickelson To Go Veg

in Animals, Eats, Sports

Is vegetarianism the cure for all that ails us? Judging from the recent wave of high profile celebrities embracing a plant based diet, the answer seems like a resounding “YES!”

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Musician Ben Sollee Launches 2010 Tour With Bicycle Power

in Music, Transport

Haven’t yet heard the musical stylings of folk-bluegrass-jazz-R&B-modern-pop-tinged vocalist and acoustic cello player Ben Sollee? Mainstream recognition for him is just around the corner, as long as he can kick his

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Comedienne Margaret Cho Donates Comedy Tour Proceeds To Gulf Marine Life Rescue

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Left-of-center stand-up comedienne Margaret Cho, currently starring on Lifetime Television’s series Drop Dead Diva, is one of those renaissance women who continues to squeeze every drop out of life. Beyond

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