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Edward Norton Inspires ‘Once’ Musician To Raise Cash For Maasai

in Film/TV, Music, People, Transport

For all the ways in which Edward Norton continues to make the world a better place, please refer to our previous articles on Crowdrise (his social fundraising website), his support

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New Film ‘Whale Like Me’ Highlights Both Sides Of Whaling Debate

in Animals, Causes, Film/TV, Internet

If you’ve ever had a chance to view filmmaker Morgan Spurlock’s Academy Award nominated documentary Super Size Me or his equally intriguing television series 30 Days (currently airing on Discovery),

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Sandra Bullock Pulls Out Of Gulf Greenwashing Campaign

in Causes, Film/TV, People

Greenwashing is defined as “the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service” and every so often, even

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Tiffani Thiessen’s Babe In The Woods Gets Green Head Start

in Film/TV

Earlier this year, one-time Beverly Hills 90120 trouble maker and White Collar actress Tiffani Thiessen admitted that her pregnancy triggered a lapse in her vegetarianism, causing her to dive into

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Web Series Serving Up Satirical Side Of Vegan Lifestyle (VIDEO)

in Animals, Eats, Film/TV, Internet, Music, Video

When you announce that you’re a ‘vegan’, those who are unfamiliar with the term or even afraid to ask what it really means are prone to allowing their imaginations to

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Blanchett’s Solar Theatre Scores Prestigious Green Award

in Film/TV, Home, People

If you’re not already a fan of her seriously impressive acting prowess, you should be. Cate Blanchett is kind of like a female Daniel Day Lewis, seamlessly morphing into her

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Reality Bites When You’re A Shark: Discovery’s “Shark Week” Spreading Awareness

in Animals, Causes, Film/TV, People

As a wee child of the seventies, if you had the misfortune of experiencing the big screen terror-fest known as Jaws (or any of its three non-Steven Spielberg-affiliated sequels), your

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