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Project Runway Winner Basking In The Sun With 2010 Solarized Collection

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Inspired by 1940’s military regalia worn by German and Russian troops, Seth Aaron Henderson’s eye-catching designs helped him to garner the top prize on the seventh season of Lifetime network’s

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Glenn Close Wielding Wildlife Support With Carefully Chosen Words

in Animals, Causes, Film/TV, People

Now that DirecTV intends to air two more seasons of the twisty-turny FX casualty Damages, the resuscitation of one of television’s most gripping, critically acclaimed and award winning legal dramas

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Plastiki Arrives In Australia! Next Stop: Documentary Film?

in Causes, People

Some describe it as a noble and impressively epic 8,000 nautical mile, four month long eco-awareness journey across the Pacific on a hull composed of 12,500 two liter PET plastic

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Download Kevin Costner’s 25 Year Old Cowboy Satire With Your Gulf Donation

in Film/TV, Music, People, Video

Now that everyone has officially forgiven Kevin Costner for some of his greatest cinematic missteps (Waterworld, The Postman and Robin Hood…ohhhh, that accent), we’re finally focusing on what’s really important

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Bill Murray Christens Repurposed Dumpster Pool on Letterman (VIDEO)

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Summer temps in New York City have been oppressively sticky, which is why Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to give the thumbs-up to three 8 foot wide X 22 foot long repurposed

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Clooney Receiving Emmy For Being Hollywood’s Humanitarian Role Model

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With all of the prestigious accomplishments and awards that George Clooney has been racking up lately, we really hope that his perfectly groomed head doesn’t swell to the size of

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Fracking Up Our Landscape: Mark Ruffalo & Pete Seeger At Natural Gas Extraction Protest

in Animals, Events, Film/TV, Music

What’s the big frackin’ problem with natural gas extraction? The technique involves injecting highly pressurized sand, water and chemicals into underground wells so that shale formations can be fractured. When

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