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Edward Norton Named UN’s New Goodwill Ambassador For Biodiversity

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In the sea of celebrities who make it oh-so-easy to scrutinize and flat out criticize their shameful behavior, it’s virtually impossible to point a tsk-tsk finger at Edward Norton. Go

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Costner’s Oil Spill Skimmer Arrives In The Gulf, Gets To Work

in Animals, Film/TV

You can’t turn on your computer or television these days without hearing some mention of Kevin Costner’s oil filtration dream machine – a sorely-needed $24 million centrifuge system that is

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Avatar Rising: The Eco-Flick With Nine Lives!

in Events, Film/TV

James Cameron’s record-breaking $2,712,115,019 eco-inspired blockbuster flick Avatar simply will. Not. Die. You’ve already seen his glorious, technicolor flick in the theater a handful of times, you purchased the Earth

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Gulf Oil Spill: Jordin Sparks Throws Spotlight On Fishermen And Residents

in Animals, Causes, Music, Video

American Idol winner Jordin Sparks – who scored her vocal victory at the age of just 17 – is ensuring that her time in the spotlight creates a positive effect

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‘Inception’ Star Ellen Page Featured In New Eco-Documentary

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Emulating the style of memorable documentaries such as What the Bleep Do We Know and An Inconvenient Truth, Joao Amorim’s partially animated film 2012: Time for a Change is making

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New Lexus Green Debates To Feature Andy Samberg, Tracey Morgan

in Events, Film/TV, Transport

Lexus, traditionally known to manufacture luxurious yet gas guzzling sedans, has lately been getting in on the green scene by unveiling vehicles with increasingly more environmentally friendly features such as

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Richard Branson’s Ninety Acres Eatery Features Hyper-Local Menu

in Eats, People

Say what you will about Sir Richard Branson (that he’s an overgrown Richy Rich with a penchant for wild pet projects?!?) but the self made billionaire who seems sincere about

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