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Michelle Obama Hosting Farm-To-Table Luncheon At Sustainable Upstate NY Farm

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The mightily prolific White House garden — which this year encompassed 1,500 square feet, boasted 55 types of plants and yielded 1,600 pounds of produce — has kept people buzzing

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FOX’s Eco-Tinged ‘Running Wilde’ Overshadowed By ‘Arrested Development’ Expectation

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Say it ain’t so, Gob! For die-hard fans of Will Arnett’s critically-acclaimed, insanely comedic turn as Arrested Development’s George Oscar Bluth II, hopes have been exceedingly high for his new

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Claire Danes Adds Her Thumbprint Of Approval To Save The Children’s EVERY ONE Campaign

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In the developing world, saving a child’s life can be as simple as draping a mosquito net around their bed, offering them a vaccination or dispensing an antibiotic. Unfortunately, due

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OneXOne NYC Fundraising Party To Feature Matt Damon, Patricia Arquette And Collective Soul

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For several years now, OneXOne — an international charity that continues to implement health care, water, food, education and entertainment initiatives that enhance the well-being of our world’s less fortunate

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Admittedly Eccentric Eco-Royal Goes To Great Lengths To Become One With Nature

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Prince Charles of Wales has given us a lot to write about throughout the years due to his consistent eco-aspirations which remind us that back in our neck of the

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Alec Baldwin, Kris Kristofferson Star In Repower America’s Clean Air PSA

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Among Al Gore’s many eco-projects, Repower America stands as beacon of hope for a future in which environmentally-compromising policies and technologies are finally abandoned in favor of those that breathe

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Fur Flies Around Beleaguered BFF Status Of Animal Rights Documentarians Lucas & Sursara

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen actress Isabel Lucas and her is-she-isn’t-she friend, Elissa Sursara were reportedly intending to pool their collective animal rights activism interests on behalf of a documentary

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