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Royal Blood: Prince Charles’ Sinks His Teeth Into New Transylvania Property

in Film/TV, Home, People

Diehard vamp-geeks will swear up and down that Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer (which took its final bow in 2003) and its spin off Angel (which passed on just

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Rockin’ Earth Momma: Sheryl Crow’s Eco-Inspired Touring Efforts

in Music, People, Transport

Juggling single parenthood, a deep commitment to environmental causes and a prolific career as a rockin’ songstress hasn’t slowed Sheryl Crow down…in fact it only seems to have inspired her

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Sting Officially ‘Stung’ By Sustainable Beekeeping Project

in Causes, Eats, Music, People

To say that Sting has been as busy as a bee would be a serious understatement. The former Police front man and current musician renaissance man does a little of

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Matt Damon In Talks To Star In ‘We Bought A Zoo’

in Animals, Film/TV, Print

Once it dawns on you that the very notion of a zoo is entirely in opposition to what nature is really all about, that’s when you experience a mind shift.

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Grand Slam For Oxfam International Thanks To Posthumous Wager

in Causes, Sports

Ready for a warm-and-fuzzy story to restore the pep to your step? You’re familiar with Oxfam International, right? The poverty relief and social agency’s star-studded Fair Trade, Climate Change and

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Harsh Jungle-Livin’ The Secret To Adrien Brody’s Authentic ‘Predators’ Performance

in Film/TV, People

What’s Adrien Brody been up to since he won an Academy Award for Best Actor in The Pianist eight long years ago? You could say that he’s been dabbling in

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Water Under Bridge: Kilmer’s Public Apology Yields Thumbs Up For New Mexico B&B

in Film/TV, Home

Have you been hanging on the edge of your seat…wondering…waiting…hoping that things would work out alright for Val Kilmer since early June’s news that he was technically barred from converting

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