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Self-Sustaining ‘Avatar Plant’ Draws Life From The Air We Breathe

in Film/TV, People

You’ve already seen Avatar in the theater at least a dozen times and of course you’ve got your own deluxe edition of James Cameron’s lush, eco-inspired flick on DVD. For

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Leona Lewis’ Meat Free Tour Causing Cranky Staff To Bear Their Teeth

in Animals, Eats, Fashion, Music, People

When Paul McCartney declared his Up and Coming concert tour a meat-free zone by furnishing 480 daily 100% veggie based meals to his staff and crew, everyone seemed to applaud

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Talk To The Hand: Bubbles the Chimp Not Really Feeling La Toya Jackson Reunion (VIDEO)

in Animals, Music

One has to wonder if La Toya Jackson knocked back a few Red Bulls prior to her onscreen time for Animal Planet’s special, “Michael Jackson and Bubbles: The Untold Story”

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On The Green Warrior’s ‘To Do List’: Attend This Week’s LOHAS Forum!

in Events, People

Feel like mingling with eager greenies in the sustainable building, eco-transportation, health, lifestyle and tourism industries? The upcoming 2010 LOHAS forum (which stands for ‘Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability’) will

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TV’s Bug & Slime Guy Makes No Bones About Love For Eco-Dwellings

in Events, Film/TV, Home, People

Dwell on Design is a yearly exhibition (coming up this weekend as a matter of fact) that is known for the latest and greatest in cutting edge household designs, furnishings

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Sting Setting Sights On Sky-High Vertical Gardening Flick

in Film/TV, Music, People, Print

Being a rock star generally comes with some seriously ego-inflating side effects and perhaps a whole lot of debauchery, but Gordon Sumner (known by the physically distressing verb/enduring stage name

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Fashionable, Eco-Responsible Vegan Condoms Offer Charitable Bang For Your Buck!

in Causes

You’ve no doubt heard about charitable do-gooding endeavors such as TOM’S One For One program which donates a brand new pair of shoes to a child in need for each

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