Elizah Leigh


IWC’s Stay Of Execution A Whale Of An Issue

in Animals, Causes

Once upon a time, gigantic marine creatures ranging in size from a relatively modest 11 feet all the way up to 115 feet (known more familiarly as beluga, sperm, blue,

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Charitable Holly Robinson-Peete To Be Honored With Humanitarian Award

in Causes, Events, Film/TV

Eco-conscious mom of four Holly Robinson Peete sure keeps herself busy! Whether she’s co-hosting an Oprah radio talk show, authoring the child’s book My Brother Charlie or performing on television, Robinson-Peete

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Captivity Making Famous Polar Bear ‘Knut’ Insane In The Membrane

in Animals

When you remove wild animals from the vast open spaces they’re instinctually accustomed to and cram them into unnatural, man-made environments, something not-so-good is bound to happen. Some may argue

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The Making of An Eco-Scandal, Starring Al Gore & Laurie David

in Film/TV

Ever had a friend who secretly relishes when things aren’t going swimmingly in your life? You know the ones – they offer you an empty pseudo-consoling ‘there there’ while stifling the

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Neil Young’s ‘Greendale’ Graphic Novel Explores Eco-Rocked World

in Arts/Culture, Music, Print

With his humanesque Grinch-like face and a voice that could send one thousand felines into cat scratch fever, rock music legend Neil Young has never been a typical poster child

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Twilight Director Shares Eco-Aspects Of ‘Eclipse’ Production

in Featured, Film/TV

British director David Slade – who made his mark with the psychological mind-warping flick Hard Candy (starring a very menacing Ellen Page who takes things just a lit-tle too far

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‘Lost’ Creator Launches The Armaggedon Of All BP Oil Spill Remedies

in Film/TV

Stumbled on any legimately good solutions to haulting the neverending oil spill gushing forth in the Gulf? There have been some doozies floating around in the cyberspere — such as using

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