Elizah Leigh


Tom Hanks-Funded Solar Digital Lifeplayer Radio Offering Link To Outside World

in Film/TV

Enjoying running water, heat, electricity and simple technologies like television, computer and internet access are conveniences that most of us take for granted. These necessities comprise our minimum standard of

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Lady Gaga Meat Dress The Latest In A Long Line Of Fleshy Fashion Getups

in Animals, Fashion, Film/TV, Music, People

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and while Madonna might be slightly hesitant to nod her head ‘yes’ at this moment in time, her mini-wanna be

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Purchase Unique Oil Spill-Inspired Goods To Help Fund Gulf Eco-Restoration Efforts

in Causes

Despite the BP Oil spill aftermath predictably dropping off the news radar, the tragedy is sadly still alive and kicking if you take into account the leak rate cover-up, multiple

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Animal Lover Paris Hilton Rescues 20 Rabbits From Snake Food Fate

in Animals, People

Proving that being an heiress definitely has its fringe benefits, Paris Hilton has somehow managed to eek herself out of yet another tight spot just weeks after her Las Vegas

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Willie & Woody Poker Tournament Fueling ‘Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance’ Programs

in Events, Film/TV, Music, People

It’s no secret that Cheers alum Woody Harrelson — who has become a firm fixture in such kooky and equally critically acclaimed silver screen offerings as Zombieland, Natural Born Killers

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Rodents Reign Down On Royal Eco-Parade (…Er, Garden Party)

in Animals, Causes, Eats, Events, People

Poet Robert Burns once wrote that the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, but when it comes to Great Britain’s Prince Charles and his Garden Party

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3-D Nature Documentary ‘Cave of Forgotten Dreams’ Captures Awe-Inspiring Primitive Artworks

in Arts/Culture, Film/TV

68-year-old filmmaker Werner Herzog – best known for such diverse efforts as the terribly sad Timothy Treadwell documentary Grizzly Man (covering the bear lover’s infatuation with the creatures before he

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